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Guarantee / warranty information

Please, if you encounter any problems about the product purchased from our webshop, don’t hesitate

to contact us as soon as possible.

For lack of other agreements, the guarantee refers only to defects, which emerged within 12 months following the handing over.

For the spare and repaired parts, the same guarantee conditions are valid as for the original products. In the scope of this

guarantee, HOLUX removed the exposed fault on own costs by its needed means within as short time as possible,

depending of the manner of fault. The guarantee commitment charges HOLUX at the original handing over place of the goods.

The repairs or changes are made by HOLUX in own workshop or site after Customer has been delivered the faulty parts or

products to HOLUX. When because of the product features or on Customer’s explicit request the repair or the change can be

made only on spot, HOLUX bears the wages and Customer bears the demolition and assembly costs of the parts differ from

the faulty ones and the travelling and local accommodation costs. HOLUX’s guarantee commitment is valid only when Customer

informs HOLUX at ones after revealing the faults and gives detailed information in writing about their circumstances. Customer is

bound to make possible HOLUX to reveal and mend the fault. For the revealing and mending of the fault Customer may

commission third party only in possession of HOLUX explicit approval.

If a consumer wants to enforce the guarantee or warranty claim, the provider must take up a protocol from this fact. The protocol s

hall record the date of the contract and a description of the failure. When the provider refuses to consumer demand, it must inform

him/her that he/she can turn to the conciliation bodies attached to the chambers of commerce. Providers are required to repair

the product or have somebody else repaired it, or to replace the product within 15 days. If the 15 days elapses without success,

then the consumer may claim back the purchase price.

If you have any problem with our products, please contact our customer service. We always try to solve all issues keeping

the customer interests in mind.

5-year project guarantee

The used high quality materials and components enable us to give

a 5-year project guarantee for all E-family, RIDI and TRIDONIC

products (excepting the LED light sources). To enforce expanded

guarantee, the relevant registration form, which can be downloaded

from the homepage of HOLUX Kft. (www.holux.hu), should

completely filled in. This completed and signed legally binding

form should be forwarded to the address of HOLUX Kft. within

30 days from the purchasing. The 5-year project guarantee begins

with the date of issue of the invoice.


Right of Withdrawal

In according to the 45/2014. (II.26.) Hungarian governmental regulation about the contracts concluded between absentees, the costumer qualifying a consumer may withdraw the contract without giving any reason within 14 days of receipt of the ordered product and send it back.

The right of withdrawal applies to consumers. In according to the § 2. of the Hungarian Consumer Law (Fgytv.), the consumer is a natural person acting for purposes falling outside the scope of his/her independent profession or economic activity, who purchases, orders, uses, utilizes goods or an addressee of the trade communication or offer related to them. In according to the § 685. of the Hungarian Civil Code (Ptk.), the consumer should be considered a person, who enters into contract for purposes falling outside his/her economic or professional activities.

Exercising the right of withdrawal

The customer can withdraw from the contract without giving any reasons within fourteen days. The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal from the date when the goods are received. The vendor is required the amount paid by the customer without delay, and refunded within 14 days after the withdrawal. The vendor is required to refund the amount paid by the customer without delay but at the least within 14 days after the withdrawal.

The customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods because of the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The customer will be burdened by no other costs. However, the vendor can claim compensation for damage resulted from improper use of the goods. If the goods returned on the basis on the right of withdrawal are not in perfect, re-saleable condition, the customer liable for damage if the deterioration of state of the goods, the ruin of the goods or other impossibility of their returning have been caused by the customer’s deliberate or negligence.

If during the opening the parcel containing the product in the presence of the person who made the product delivery (postal delivery, courier), it turns out, that the product is obviously damaged, and the damage was incurred before receipt of the product, we will immediately take the product back and cancel the sale. The handover protocol should contain any kind of injury, lack of content in the delivery of the item. Subsequently we cannot take responsibility for the lack of content or any injury.

Text regarding to the exercising of the right of withdrawal ( 45/2014. (II.26) Hungarian governmental regulation)

Returning the product

The product must be returned in its original condition and packaging and complete quantitative and qualitative state within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal.

Information about the Withdrawal Process for Consumers

A special form about the Declaration of Withdrawal can be downloaded here.


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