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Terms of delivery, receipt of goods


To the delivery (sales) of goods ordered in HOLUX Kft.’s Webshop the General Conditions of Delivery (Sales) of HOLUX Kft. should be applied in general. However, in case of online purchase – by virtue of its special nature – these conditions should be completed by the following chapters:


Processing of online orders

● The orders receiving by HOLUX Kft. until 12 hour a.m. in working days will be processed within 24 hours and an order acknowledgement will be sent to your e-mail address with the performance date. This order acknowledgement is not the same, which our Webshop will automatically send to you as e-mail (“Az Ön rendelése…”). When your order is received after 12 hour a.m. in working days, it will be processed within 24 hours reckoned from 12 hour a.m. of the following working day. When also Saturday, Sunday or other public holidays fall in this 24-hour period, the deadline becomes longer accordingly.

● The goods ordered in HOLUX Kft.’s Webshop can be received in several different ways, which should be indicated when ordering:

– Home delivery in Hungary (by courier service)

– Home delivery in Hungary (by postal service of Magyar Posta Zrt.)

– Delivery in Hungary (by postal (delivery) service of Magyar Posta Zrt.) to parcel lockers, postal points or post offices

– Personal receipt (with premises specifying)


Home delivery in Hungary

● In case of home delivery by courier service, you will be informed about the expected delivery time of the parcel containing the ordered goods by e-mail or phone. The delivery in weekdays will take place in time interval between 8-16 hours.


Home delivery fees with courier service


● In case you choose the postal delivery service of Magyar Posta Zrt., you could ask for home delivery, delivery to parcel lockers, postal points or post offices.

Regarding the postal delivery time of the ordered products (for home delivery, delivery to parcel lockers, postal points or post offices), we inform our esteemed customers, that we are able to post the orders on the following Monday the soonest only after the arrival of the goods to our stock, which extends the arrival time compared to delivery by courier service, moreover sending orders by Post imposes extra costs to our company, therefore an additional 3.000 HUF gross logistic charge will be added, which will not appear on the automatic order confirmation, but will be indicated on the order confirmation send by our sales clerk and on the invoice.

Magyar Posta Zrt. postfinder

Home delivery fees with postal service of Magyar Posta Zrt.


Delivery fees with postal (delivery) service of Magyar Posta Zrt. to parcel lockers, postal points or post offices.

In case you choose the postal (delivery) service of Magyar Posta Zrt. to parcel lockers, postal points or post offices, please get in contact with Mr. Zoltán Nagy (T: 06-1-450-27-06) to specify the delivery address.

For more information:

● If the courier can not carry out the transfer of the goods, will attempt the delivery of the goods in the next day again.

For larger-scale, more than 2m in length or not rollable goods (e.g. cable trunkings, cable protecting tubes, etc.), the courier service or Magyar Posta Zrt. will calculate an individual price or it cannot carry out the delivery. For more information please contact Mr. Zoltán Nagy (T: 06-1-450-27-06).

For poles, pole arms and base panels, unique delivery fee will be calculated. For more information, please contact Mr. István Hajdrik (T: 06-1-450-27-12).

● For household appliances, the courier service or Magyar Posta Zrt. will calculate an individual price or it cannot carry out the delivery. The takeover is free of charge at our central site at Budapest. We calculate special transport costs concerning to delivery requests. Please inquire at nagyz@holux.hu in such cases.

● The home delivery costs are valid for Hungarian shipments only. When the order has to be delivered into a foreign country, the transport cost (courier or postal fee) will be calculated and confirmed after receiving your order.


Personal receipt (with premises specifying) in HOLUX’s shops

● When you want to receive the ordered goods personally, please, choose the favourable specialist’s shop from the below premises of HOLUX Kft. The receipt will be taken place on the basis of mutual agreement by e-mail or phone.


Central Lighting Specialist’s Shop – 1135 Budapest, Béke u. 51-55.

Lighting Specialist’s Shop Körmend – 9900 Körmend, Rákóczi u. 30.





General Conditions of Delivery (Sales) of HOLUX Kft.


1. General Information

The following General Conditions of Delivery (Sales) (hereinafter: Conditions of Delivery) relate to offers or sales deals in the course of which HOLUX Kft. (hereinafter: HOLUX) incurs a liability against Hungarian Customer (hereinafter: Customer), when Customer receives these Conditions of Delivery as an addendum of the acceptance of the offer or order and has made no objections against them. When Customer accepts these Conditions of Delivery, the purchase will take place according to these Conditions of Delivery. In case of any difference, the parties should agree about them in a special bill of sale.


2. The Object and Scope of the Offer

Unless declaring differently in its offer, HOLUX – in the course of the buying and selling – applies its prices valid in the time of the order. The prices, quality and quantity conditions in HOLUX’s offer refer only to the products involved in this offer, and they remain valid for one month when there are no other restrictions. In case of import goods, HOLUX, when delivering, reserves the right to assert the more than 2% alterations emerged meanwhile in the foreign exchange rates in its prices. HOLUX reserves the right any time to alter specification referring to its products included in its catalogues, brochures or offered any other manner.


3. Buying and Selling

The buying and selling agreement between HOLUX and Customer will be concluded when Customer accepts HOLUX’s offer in writing, even in its details acceptable manner, and HOLUX acknowledges Customer’s order in writing even in its details acceptable manner, or the buying and selling agreement will be provided with both parties’ proper signatures, or Customer receives the goods against an invoice.


4. Conditions of Payment

The payment of the price of the goods provided takes place against the invoice issued by HOLUX. Customer is bound to pay in cash for the purchase price entirely to HOLUX in any case, if only the parties have agreed otherwise. When Customer, according to the agreement made by the parties, should effect the payment of the purchase price by remittance, this agreement contains the expiry date of payment. In case of overdue payment, Customer is bound to pay interest of delay to HOLUX from the time of the default on payment, according to the Hungarian Civil Code (Ptk.) 301/A. §.(2). When the overdue payment exceeds 30 days and the dunning letter of HOLUX for the partial or whole payment remains unsuccessful even after 8 days, Customer – by accepting this Conditions of Delivery – authorizes HOLUX to issue an order of collection to its banking account, or HOLUX abandons the agreement by a unilateral declaration. The scope of the above instruction covers even the case, when Customer refers to other damages or interests. Furthermore, HOLUX is entitled to interrupt the performance of its contractual commitments until Customer has an overdue debt against HOLUX. HOLUX reserves the right to the delivery by instalments and the appropriate partly invoicing, inasmuch as other agreement relating to this delivery orders differently. In case of non-payment or overdue payment HOLUX has the right to demand from Customer the reimbursement of its all cost and damage raised from this, including the costs of legal proceedings, extra-judicial procedures and distraints as well as the fees to be paid for collection agencies engaged in collecting of debts legally.


5. The Handing Over of the Goods

For lack of different agreement, the place of the performance is HOLUX’s headquarters or its lighting specialist’s shops in the country. By putting the goods at the Customer’s disposal in these locations, the buying and selling can be considered perfected. The handing over is certified by company stamp and signature of Customer or its authorized representative.


6. Deadline

When HOLUX fixes the delivery deadline as duration in its offer, its liability relating to the delivery/handing over deadlines should be reckoned from the time of the handing over of the order or the payment in advance to HOLUX. When before the buying and selling agreement no offer was issued, HOLUX is only obliged to keep the delivery deadline stated in the acknowledgement of Customer’s order. HOLUX is exempted from the legal consequences of the delivery delay, when it was induced by unavoidable reason beyond its operation, or it can be traced back to the same reason emerged in its contractor.


7. Penalty

When Customer doesn’t receive the ordered goods within 8 working days following the delivery deadline, HOLUX has the right to consider the order null and void or abandon the agreement by a unilateral declaration. When Customer doesn’t receive or only partly receives the ordered goods, HOLUX is entitled to invoice the 20% of the contractual net price of goods in abeyance as frustration penalty to the Customer. In case of delivery delay, HOLUX is bind to pay the 0.02%/day (or not more than 2%) of the contractual net price of goods ordered and acknowledged in writing to Customer as penalty of delay. HOLUX is exempted from the liability of delivery deadline when it was caused by vis major or other events emerged with HOLUX or its contractors, e.g. strikes, wars, embargos, fires, floods, etc, which are independent from the intents of HOLUX or its contractors. In case of fixed deadline delivery delay, a penalty of delay of 0.5% of the price of goods delivered delay (or not more than 5%) should be applied for all default week after passing four weeks as equity reason.


8. Ownership of Title

HOLUX always reserves its ownership of title for the contracted goods in all contractual form until the purchase price and its after costs won’t be paid completely. When the purchase price of the delivered goods won’t be paid until the due date, HOLUX has the right to claim the delivered goods will be returned without offering any explanation. Customer is bound to deliver the goods back according to HOLUX’s claim. The redelivering of the goods doesn’t exempt Customer from the payment of the frustration penalty and the payment of interest of delay, which HOLUX can demand from Customer until receiving of goods. The costs and damages raised from the redelivering of goods should be imposed on Customer. Reckoned from the handing over, Customer should also bear the responsibility of loss, stealing, damages or other detriments, the emerging of which cannot be lead back to HOLUX’s guiltiness. When the goods have been reconstructed or built-in, HOLUX has lien on the reconstructed goods or those equipment, which they have been built in until the payment of purchase price. Upon request, within 3 days following the expiry date of payment, Customer is bound to hand over the object or equipment containing the goods to HOLUX as floating charge. In this case, Customer commits oneself to indicate HOLUX as owner for third party, whom the equipment containing the goods wanted to sell to.


9. Packaging

The prices indicated in the price lists and offers are valid for factory packaging and finishing and do not contain the price and redelivery cost of package, the counter value of which HOLUX indicates for the Customer as special item in its invoice. HOLUX has the right to determine the price of the package representing a special value in its invoice. In case of returnable packaging (e.g. cable drums), the payment deadline is 30 calendar days. Within this interval, the returnable packaging can be redelivered on Customer’s costs by issuing a credit invoice. After 30 days, Customer is bound to pay for the invoiced price of the returnable packaging. HOLUX has the right to indicate differently the redelivery deadline of the returnable packaging in its invoice or other sales documents.


10. Delivery

On Customer’s writing request, HOLUX delivers the ordered goods to the given address in Hungary upon payment compensation.


11. Intellectual Property and Secrecy

HOLUX is not obliged to provide manufacturing documentation in any case. For providing electrical wiring diagrams and lighting calculations, HOLUX can be compelled only when bounded oneself to prepare and handing over of the same in a special buying and selling contract. The plans and documentation handed over to Customer constitute the intellectual property of HOLUX and should be managed confidentially. Customer may use the handed over documentation only for the installation, operation and maintenance of the product constituting the object of the contract.


12. Warranty

For warranty, the relevant regulations of the Hungarian Civil Code (Ptk.) should be considered as authoritative ones. HOLUX is exempted from this responsibility, when the fault of the product causes the natural wearing out or the improper use of the product and/or disregarding the user’s guide attached the same. HOLUX is exempted from this responsibility also in case, when Customer has made alterations or completions on the product without an explicit consent of HOLUX.


13. Guarantee

For lack of other agreements, the guarantee refers only to defects, which emerged within 12 months following the handing over. For the spare and repaired parts, the same guarantee conditions are valid as for the original products. In the scope of this guarantee, HOLUX removed the exposed fault on own costs by its needed means within as short time as possible, depending of the manner of fault. The guarantee commitment charges HOLUX at the original handing over place of the goods. The repairs or changes are made by HOLUX in own workshop or site after Customer has been delivered the faulty parts or products to HOLUX. When because of the product features or on Customer’s explicit request the repair or the change can be made only on spot, HOLUX bears the wages and Customer bears the demolition and assembly costs of the parts differ from the faulty ones and the travelling and local accommodation costs. HOLUX’s guarantee commitment is valid only when Customer informs HOLUX at ones after revealing the faults and gives detailed information in writing about their circumstances. Customer is bound to make possible HOLUX to reveal and mend the fault. For the revealing and mending of the fault Customer may commission third party only in possession of HOLUX explicit approval.


14. Complaint

Under forfeiture of rights, Customer is bound to inform in writing HOLUX about the quantity claims and the delivery differing the contract immediately at receiving of the goods but not later than 1 working day (or in case of quality claim 5 working days) following the receiving of the goods. For the responsibility rules relating to the hidden faults, the relevant regulations of the Hungarian Civil Code (Ptk.) should be applied. HOLUX accepts the complaint only when the copies of the relevant delivery note and invoice are attached. When Customer doesn’t inform HOLUX about revealed faults in the above way, HOLUX will be exempted from the relevant liabilities.


15. Responsibility

For HOLUX’s responsibilities, the relevant terms in the special buying and selling contract and the present Conditions of Delivery are valid.


16. Disputes at Law

In case of disputes at law, Parties try to arrange the questions of dispute first of all by reconciliation, and when this would be unsuccessful, they abide by the judgement of the Permanent Arbitration Court organized beside the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, accepting that this Arbitration Court acts according to the own rules of procedure.


17. Validity

This General Conditions of Delivery (Sales) are valid from 1st April 2012 until recalled.


The General Conditions of Delivery (Sales) of HOLUX Kft. can be downloaded here.


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