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Privacy Policy

Connecting to its online sales activities, HOLUX Kft. (hereinafter referred to as Data Manager) manages the registered users’ personal data solely for the purpose of fulfilling the orders and to meet obligations related to their settlement (invoicing). The Data Manager manages only such personal data, which is essential for the achievement of the purposes of data management and appropriate to achieving the objective. The personal data will be kept only to the extent and for the time necessary to achieve these purposes.

The Data Manager protects in all expected manner the registered users’ personal data treated in the webshop.

The Data Manager’s address: H-1135 Budapest, Béke u. 51-55.

The Data Manager is available at: Tel.: (+36 1) 450-2700, hoso@holux.hu

The legal basis of data management: the 2011 CXVI. Act about the right to information self-determination and freedom of information, § 5 (1) a) the contribution of the concerned.

Contribution to data management: In the course of its registration, the user gives express consent to the management of its voluntary provided personal data.

The range of stakeholders: registered users and costumers without registration

The scope of managed data: the data provided by users, which is necessary to fulfil the orders: Name, Contact information (phone number, fax number, e-mail), Shipping address, Invoicing address, Authorized person’s name and phone numbers.

The object of data collecting: to fulfil the orders and invoicing.

Possible data managing person entitled to inspect the data:

- The commercial staff of HOLUX Kft.

The customer may request from the Data Manager:

- information about the management of its personal data

- correction of its personal data,

- blocking of its personal data.

By using the user name and password specified during the registration, the user can enter the pages of the webshop and view and modify its own data or request its data blocking in writing.

The data of the customer without registration will be blocked after fulfilling the order.

If the user has previously sent an order, the data valid at the time of sending will be attached to the order. To receive information about its personal data connecting the order or request the modification or blocking them, the user should contact the Data Manager in person, by phone or by e-mail. In the shortest time from the request, but no later than 10 days, the Data Manager gives the information about the registered user’ request in a comprehensible writing form. If the Data Manager finds legitimate the registered user’s request, will immediately arrange for the correction or blocking of the user personal data.

If the registered user is not satisfied with the response of the Data Manager, can validate the right to protection of its personal data before civil court, and apply to the Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatósághoz (National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) ( www.naih.hu/kapcsolat.html).

The 2011 CXVI. Act about the right to information self-determination and freedom of information can be found here: Nemzeti Jogszabálytár (www.njt.hu).


Registration number for webshop data administration: NAIH-78601/2014.

Registration number for newsletter sending data administration: NAIH-78602/2014.




● Entering the home page www.fenyaruhaz.hu (hereafter referred to Homepage) you accept the following conditions even if you are not a registered user of this system.

● The content of the Homepage is an exclusive intellectual property of HOLUX Kft.

● HOLUX Kft. reserves all rights regarding the copying or distributing of any parts of the Homepage by any methods or any technology. The content of the Homepage is protected by international and Hungarian laws.

● Without prior written permission of HOLUX Kft., it is prohibited to use, process and sale the whole or any part (texts, graphics, trade marks, photos, data structures, structures, procedures, programs, etc.) of the Homepage. You may save on your hard disc or print out certain part of the Homepage solely for your own purposes, however, even in this case you are not allowed to use, distribute, store in database, permit its download or put it into circulation of the same.

● The copyright law completely, with the ads and sales promotions together protects the pages of the Homepage. It is prohibited to cut its any part, and to disclose this mutilated part in any manner.

● Further, for the lack of the written permission of HOLUX Kft., it is prohibited to mirror the content of the Homepage, i.e. to republish it by some kind of techniques, even in unchanged form.

● The unauthorized use of the Homepage implies penal and civil law consequences.

● Information may be received from the Homepage only with reference to the same. The receiver has no right to modify the original information and should indicate the unambiguous reference to the Homepage also on all later references.

● Our domain names, the HOLUX word and logo are registered and protected by copyright law. For using them, with the exception of references, it should be received the explicit prior written permission of HOLUX Kft.

● HOLUX Kft. makes any efforts to provide authentic information, however, we refuse the accept responsibility for the losses may be encountered from the information.

● The unauthorized use implies penal and civil law consequences. HOLUX Kft. has the right to demand to discontinue the infringement and pay off its losses.


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