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Advantages offered by HOLUX Webshop

● Two-level customer service

1. By entering the Webshop, the Basic level appears automatically, and everybody can access our product offering and the relevant technical information. For the entering and purchasing no registration is needed, however, on this level discount prices are not showed with the exception of sale actions for the home lighting sector.

2. The second, so called Regular customers’ level can be used by our partners registered themselves earlier. On this level, the registration itself can be initiated. In addition to the technical information relating to the offered products, our registered contractual partners having password can find the correct data according to the payments and price agreement made with HOLUX.

● The online ordering decreases considerably the time needed for getting through an order, and due to the unambiguous identifying of the product, the possible faulty orders can be further diminished, as well.

● When making the order, you can get information also about the possible service/delivery time and give the delivery address, too.

● Our Webshop uniquely allows you to gain access to the purchase history, e.g. you can see your earlier orders or invoices, etc. – strictly complying with the data protection regulations, of course. In this way, it is possible to find a product purchased earlier, which means considerably timesavings.

● The online purchasing can be considered as a rather environmentally friendly form. By introducing it, HOLUX promotes also the environment protection – in accordance its business philosophy.

● We continually complete and update the offering of our Webshop.

For detailed information about the registration, passwords, etc. please click on Shopping Help tag.


When more information or help is needed about our Webshop, please do not hesitate to contact us at hoso@holux.hu, or call us at +36-1-450-2700.

“High quality at affordable price.” – HOLUX, as an exclusively domestic representative of several global market-leader companies, offers its high quality products on the most favourably commercial conditions.





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